Robert Sudlow
Robert Sudlow
Prairie Hills Art Gallery - Robert Sudlow's Paintings

    "While I have painted from Greece to California, I think
    Kansas has given me my most delightful problems. Where
    else can one  find at least five types of weather in a single
    day? I have come to realize the world as a kaleidoscope of
    changes. Nature has an order quite beyond formulas.
    Painting out doors has been a release. It is my only way to
    let go and to celebrate the mysterious presence of nature. I
    don't like to paint standing in snow drifts, and the winds are
    maddening. Yet, they certainly make for an authentic
    experience. Often I find that the excitement keeps me warm.
    Renewal is in loosing oneself. I think of no more moving sight
    than sunlight through a thistle head or pale winter grass
blazing with a glory I can never paint. These ordinary things lead me and my canvasses get tangled in
roadside ditches, weeds, and brambles. Perhaps all art pretexts fail in the midst of natural forces; at best
it is an uncomfortable confrontation, paint turns to sludge and the best laid plans fall apart. I know that
sometimes my head gets full of the sky and the earth is transformed. Perhaps this is why I am always
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Nottingham Farm,                        1989
Canvas                                     35"x20"
Light, Foliage, and Water         1970
Canvas                                   22"x20"
Stormy Oak Grove,               1969      
Canvas                   22"x18"
Thawing Fields,                         1990,
Canvas                                    45"x34"
Snow Hill Toward Lawrence,       1989
Oil on canvas                        42" x 38"
"Oct Corn Field"                          2000
Oil on Paper              22 1/2"x17 3/4"
"Looking North"                         1996
Oil on paper                     22 1/2"x17"
Willow's last Glimmer 2002                  19"x9"
Oil on paper        Framed
Pages:        1        2        3
Pages:        1        2        3
Winter Sundown,                       2001
Oil on canvas                        45"x21"
Flying Lark                               1967  
Oil on canvas                      42" x 46"
Late Afternoon-Millcreek #2               1986
Oil on canvas                               44"x23"
Near Matfieldgreen                      1992
Oil on canvas                           44"x48"
Secret Garden        2004                         23"x17"
Oil on Canvas        
Morning light, 1972                        41"x45"
Oil on Canvas       
Fog - Back Ranch       1983-2003         46"x38"
Oil on Canvas      
Flood Fields 2006                              36"x18"
Oil on Canvas      Framed
Deep Woods        1971                   19"x20"
Oil on Canvas