Paintings Landscape of Kansas by Mehrzad Alison at Prairie Hills Art Gallery
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Born in 1961, Mehrzad Alison is a professional Kansas Landscape and portrait artist who has
owned regionally prestigious galleries, such as Roy's Fine Art Gallery and Prairie Hills Art Gallery
in Lawrence,Kansas,  where he has promoted his own paintings and some of the
most renowned artists, such as Robert Sudlow, Birger Sandzen, Albert Bloch, Robert Green,
Ramond Eastwood, Jim Brothers, Micheal Ott, and many others.  Mentored by renowned
Kansas artist, Robert Sudlow, Mehrzad's focus of his landscape paintings is to depict the
essence and beauty of Kansas prairies and it's breath taking skies. His oil and/or acrylic
paintings are generally on large canvases with either a smooth or textured appearance. Aside
from abstracts and other subject matters too, portrait painting is his most favored challenge,
as he tries to create a sense of life from brush strokes, and capture one's likeness, personality,
and emotions.
Mehrzad's love of art, and it's tremendous positive effects on life, continues to inspire him to
paint, and share his life time experience with others as a painting instructor. His paintings are
part of many private and public art collections.
M. Alison
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